Our Sponsors


We are very lucky to have a number of loyal sponsors of the festival. Over recent years and last year in particular The Red Lion who are at the heart of the local community and economy, has given an enormous amount, from the donation of prizes, offering accommodation to artists and providing tickets for all their staff so they could enjoy the many varied events. We are very proud of the tremendous goodwill which has grown from our association with Anne & David and hope it continues to flourish.

Fife Authority: Despite being constrained by the default cutbacks and service constrictions, Fife Local Government Offices continue to support the Festival in every way they can.

Bandrum Care Home has given the Festival financial support over the last three years for which we are most grateful. Without their support and the support of others like The Greengate Gallery, the Festival would find the journey to the final goal of a free standing self funding Festival a pretty rocky road.

Finally a big Thank you again to Robert Alexander who built this new web site from scratch and without whom you would now be staring at a blank screen.

Many Thanks to you all.